It’s been a long time

There has been a lot going on since I started this magazine that I’ve had no control over.

Because of this the magazine was not a top priority. Thankfully, I have sorted out everything, and will now be able to focus on this magazine again.

We are still accepting your poetry short stories, art, comics, and creative non-fiction.

You can submit by sending your work here:

We are still doing one print issue a year, down from two, but hopefully it will turn into something we’ll do every quarter.

The online version will still be updated every quarter.

Hope to hear from you soon.



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Issue 1

Issue one is beginning to go live, as I write this. The poetry section is pretty much updated, though we’ll be adding a few poems over the course of the night, and the week-end. The entire issue should be up by Tuesday, at the latest.

We are now doing a print magazine twice a year. You can subscribe here. 18 bucks a year for two copies, and some throw ins. We don’t know what the thrown ins are yet either, it’ll be a surprise.

The website will be completely overhauled during the next month.

Hope you enjoy our first issue. Any questions, comments, hate mail, send it to

Keep sending us your work.

Much love,
The Number Five


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